West Grow Farms Edmonton uses vertical, indoor farming to maximize plant growth. Our systems are designed and constructed to reduce labour and exposure to workplace hazards involved in harvest and planting. This creates an incredibly safe environment, as no employee needs to climb or be lifted to access higher areas of the farm.

“Vertical, urban farming is the future of sustainable domestic food supply. As the public becomes increasingly aware of, and concerned about, transportation costs (both financially and ecologically) they will continue to seek local, fresh alternatives.”

Canadians do not have to accept food that is injected with preservatives, and food with a significantly diminished nutritional value because of where we live and the climate we live in. Nutritional, Fresh, Natural food can be grown hear all year long.

West Grow Farms Edmonton uses only the highest quality, natural supplements to increase yield and rate of growth. In addition, we increase production through the insertion of natural additives (byproducts from our energy system). Our farm is soil free and does not have any GMO additives.

A Controlled Environment

We are able to very carefully monitor and control the growth of our produce. This allows us to, essentially to the day, predict growth and harvest cycles for plants. This ultimately reduces the waste and maximizes the food we can provide to our customers. This process happens year round and is not affected by any climate factors.