West Grow Farms Edmonton utilizes the latest in indoor farming technology. Our process uses less water and energy that conventional greenhouse or indoor farming solutions. Our energy system will capture Co2 and normal exhaust pollutants to ensure our carbon footprint (GHG) will be net negative once Green House Credits are considered. This creates an energy system that allows us to create the energy needed to power the LED lights and ancillary mechanical equipment required to operate our indoor farm!

The process allows West Grow Farms to grow produce with a 90% reduction in water usage and minimal usage of outside energy. Ultimately this process allows us to grow food in a very efficient manner without high energy costs, large water costs, or an adverse impact on the environment.

The Benefits of Our System

There are four major benefits of the West Grow Farms generation process:

  • Primarily the waste energy from the engines is used in the greenhouse as heat.
  • The exhaust gasses are treated naturally.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (particularly Nitrous Oxide) are reduced by 90% using this system.
  • Finally, and of critical importance, the food grade Co2 is injected back into the greenhouse.