About West Grow Farms, Edmonton

West Grow Farms, Edmonton is an indoor farm located just West of Edmonton, Alberta. Through the farm process, we produce naturally grown, chemical free food, using natural supplements. In addition to the production of food, we produce green energy. We use the heat and Co2 generated from the energy production to provide necessary requirements for the production of food.

The farm uses vertical growth aeroponics and LED lights to maximize the growth potential of the produce. We can accomplish this entire process without the use of ladders or personnel lifting devices. The combination of these growing techniques allows us to maximize space, reduce the required growth footprint, and at the same time produce an equal amount of local, natural crop compared to conventional methods.

The technology used in the farm utilizes 90% less water than conventional farms, and all pathogens and external impacts are minimized in a controlled environment that does not utilize soil or GMO additives.

Through the use of natural additives, food produced using this technology is considered natural and chemical free.

Due to a very controlled environment, production is extremely favorable. Green leaf will be ready for harvest on a 22-day cycle, allowing for steady production year round. Other crops will vary, but production is significantly enhanced in this environment.

We are excited to join the local Edmonton, natural farming community. We are committed to earning our customers’ trust in Canadian, local, agriculture and food products every day through our relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do. Please get in touch if you have any questions.